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Ellie Mackay

As an avid campaigner for sustainable living, I am always on the lookout for products which have minimal impact on the environment, as well even benefitting our health and the economy. Since I first discovered bamboo as a material I have been amazed by its versatility and value for money, and I now couldn't live without it. I use bamboo in many ways - from straws, mugs and plates to toothbrushes and sunglasses, there is no bamboo product I wouldn't try!

The  plant itself is extremely sustainable in its growth, and with a 'closed-loop' manufacturing system it is one of the most sustainably produced clothing materials out there. Combine this with fairtrade and ethical employment throughout the supply chain, and you have an unbeatable low-impact, guilt-free clothing material.

For me, like many people, the most important factors for clothing are comfort and hygiene - both of which are exemplified by Bamboo Clothing Co's underwear range. Sweat-wicking and thermally stable material plus a super soft finish means they provide all-day comfort without chafing - essential for an active lifestyle. I personally swear by it; I wear bamboo in all climates, from freezing conditions in the Canadian Rockies to extreme heat and humidity in the Borneo jungle, and I am never uncomfortable. Plus, for my needs, the naturally anti-microbial and quick-drying fibre means it's the perfect material for working in tough or remote environments, whether that's leading expeditions in the jungle, mountain-climbing, or filming in disaster relief zones. I often travel for long periods in harsh environments, and bamboo clothing is the easiest, most cost-effective and environmentally responsible solution to my 'what-to-pack' dilemma.

I'm therefore absolutely delighted to be a 'bambassador' for the Bamboo Clothing Company - Justin and his team have worked hard to create a product range that is unbeatable for comfort, value and durability, and I'm proud to wear their logo. My aim is to highlight the benefits of all bamboo products and to promote and encourage others to discover it for themselves.

Eleanor L. H. Mackay
Freelance Science Communicator, Documentary Filmmaker
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