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The Ferry

The Ferry

August 22, 2017

(Photo Above: @JustinJackBear and @JalilaNoel capturing the bliss of ocean travel.)

Tsawwassen to Victoria, BC

4:30AM - 7:00AM August 4, 2017 (0430HRS)

Our alarm goes off.

We reserve ourselves a Toyota Prius Hybrid on our membership with Evo Car Share. Should be good on gas. They probably get better city mileage. But we'll put at least a 1,000km's on out trip. It should be fun! 

This vehicle had a roof rack and we debated on taking our bikes because who wouldn't want to cover as much hiking ground in as little time as possible. They didn't have room on the ferry to bring the bikes, so we didn't bring the bikes. We'll need to get lost in our shoes instead.

We were the second car in line at the ferry. Packed with loads of healthy food in our Coleman cooler (which did not come with a light and bottle opener attached, good thing we brought our own, however) with wheels we bought at Canadian Tire. Along with some other essential supplies. It was smooth sailing from here.




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